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  Not enough time?
  Whether the person realizes it or not, they are just procrastinating. They seem to think that they will have more time in the future. To add to this the longer they wait the lower their health will become. Time must be allocated in your schedule or it will never be done because something will always come up. And lets face it, its no good having a big house and a luxurious car if you are no longer around to enjoy it! If you canít spare 30 consecutive minutes each day then three, ten-minute sessions can still improve your condition.

  Too Expensive?
Exercise costs nothing! Just walking each day is enough to ensure a long and healthy life. This is something just about everyone can do so it also provides a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends.

Well at least youíre honest! The trick is to find something you enjoy. Try something social like a group walk, tennis, or golf. If you would rather spend time alone then go for a walk, take your headphones, and listen to your favorite music. If you get bored easily then try a Personal Trainer. Even if it only for one session. They can provide you with variety and ideas on how to keep the exercise program interesting.

  However it is easy to see why people get confused when trying to improve their lifestyle with so many diets and eating plans that seem to contradict each other. Then thereís the abdominal machines, home gyms, and cross trainers sold through the media that promise great results but always end up as expensive dust collectors.
The trick is to keep it simple.
∑ When it comes to your food intake consume low fat meals: it makes sense that the less fat that goes into your mouth, the less fat that will stay on the body.
∑ Eat meals with plenty of variety: the more variety, the greater intake of all the required nutrients. And keep portion size relative to what you require: eating low fat foods will still make you put on weight if you are eating enough for two people.
∑ Eat foods high in fiber: these foods are more filling.

  • Direct attention to the important daily activities required to succeed.
    If you focus on the end result, it will always be a dream. Focus on the daily activities that cause the problem and you will soon see results!
  • Mobilize efforts
    By designing a goal setting plan you provide the framework for commitment to your goals in every aspect of your life.
  • Prolong persistence.
    It gives you something to look forward to. By breaking down your goals into smaller, manageable steps, you will identify achievements on a regular basis and this will keep you motivated.

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