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 You need to see your doctor if you think you have anemia so he can run some test to make sure its not something else. If the problem is not enough iron in the diet it is easy to correct. There are many forms of anemia but the most common is iron deficiency. You need to get more iron in your diet and for women that is most important. Anemia can make you feel sluggish and weak. You can be cold and your brain feel fuzzy. It is important to keep your iron stores up or you can be at risk to develop anemia. Most of the time it is a easy condition to cure with a proper diet.

 There are many foods that contain iron. Meat, fish, and poultry contain lots of iron. If you eat little or no meat you need to pay attention to your diet. You can pair foods with vitamin C and food with iron will make sure it gets into your blood stream. You don't need to worry about portions as the body will absorb what it needs. If you like to eat clams they are loaded with iron. Meats, legumes and vegetables are high in iron. A great source of iron is chicken livers and to get the most from this type of diet make sure to add some vitamin C.

 There are many ways to add vitamin C to your diet. You can add tomatoes in a salad. You can eat a baked potato and if you eat the skin this will triple the amount. One nutrient that you don't want to combine is calcium it can cut down the amounts you need at that meal. Coffee and tea will also block some of the iron and make it more difficult to absorb. Oat meal is also a good choice for breakfast. One group of folks that may become anemic are vegetarians about two time as many then meat eaters. Its because they don't eat animal foods, but it can take years for this to so up such as fatigue and tingling in the hands and feet.

 Your body can not make red blood cells with out iron so you will become anemic. I f you reduce the amount of iron in your diet you will have Iron Deficiency. This also reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood. Some of the best food to eat are steamed clams. Simmered chicken livers. Braised lean beef, bottom round roast. Steamed tuna, light meat, water packed shrimp. Cream of wheat and oat meal, boiled kidney beans, black beans and split peas. If you think you have Anemia Iron Deficiency make sure to check with your doctor to find the best solution for you especially if you are a strict vegetarian

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