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 Pain in the joints can be caused by many different reasons. There is no cure for arthritis but coping techniques will leave you more active and in control of your activities. Here are some ideas to help with arthritis pain.

  First check with your medical doctor to make sure that you actually have pain from arthritis. Doctors can prescribe medications you can take that will ease the joint pain. When you suffer from sever joint pain you need to plan your activities accordingly.

 Don't overdue any motions that might inflame your joints. You should do the most difficult tasks first this way you will have the greatest amount of energy.

 You should try and avoid movements that put stress on your fingers and joints.



 Everyone of all ages and activity levels suffer from joint pain. Arthritis is the most common factor which can strike at any age. Athletes are another group that is particularly susceptible to  joint pain and inflammation. Proper nutrition and exercise techniques can help alleviate many of the symptoms of joint pain. The most popular and effective joint supplements typically contain ingredients that can both promote stronger joints and joint repair, as well as help with pain and inflammation.

 Studies have shown many individuals are afflicted with joint pain.  It can range from the temporary joint immobility and stiffness to the chronic rheumatoid arthritis. Your lifestyle, diet, medication and exercise all play an important role in deciding the nature of your joint pains, with advancing age.

 As we age, bodily collagen breaks down, cartilage and bone is subject to wear and tear, cellular regeneration is slowed down in the body, illness and disease, injury and stress all leave their own marks on the overall health and fitness. The pain between joints is mostly due to thinning of the cartilage, which no longer acts as the shock absorber. Inflammation of the joints due to increasing friction and wearing down of cartilage and bone results in joint deformity and  arthritis.

  Doctors recommend Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Collagen, Hyaluronic acid (HA), and Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) are some of the newer and more promising drugs being used by people suffering from joint pain.

 Joint supplements seem to reduce pain and swelling, repair damaged tissue and also increase joint strength in two to three months after you start taking them.

 Synotrex, with its blend of patented ingredients, natural COX-2 inhibitors and multiple joint support and anti-inflammatory agents has made it to the top as an effective alternative for most kinds of joint pain. Synotrex is the only product with a  ninty day guarantee, and results were among the best.

 Arthritis is something some of us have to live with.  It is painful and inflicts us as we get older. Here are some steps that we can take to ease arthritis discomfort and joint pain. There is no cure for arthritis but coping techniques will leave you more active and in control of your activities.

 First make sure to check with your doctor on what medications you can take that will help with the joint pain. If you suffer from sever arthritis make sure to plan your day. Schedule the most demanding tasks first so you will have the greatest amount of energy.

 Try and avoid activities that put strain on your fingers and joints. make sure to use the palms of your hands when you have to lift an object. Make sure to keep any heavy lifting to a minimum. Do not lock your joints for long periods of time. Relax and stretch your body as much as possible.

 When it is possible use your arms to carry out an activity, such as pushing open a heave door with the side of your body. If you have a task that can be done sitting down do that instead of standing.  You should replace round handles and doorknobs with long handles they will require a less stressful grip. You can tape a layer of foam around the handles of rakes, shovels, pens , pencils and other household tools. Make sure to use electric appliances to do the work for you this will help with any joint pain in your fingers.

 "I had extreme pain all over my body, particularly in my shoulders and knees. My knees would become swollen to the point where I could hardly walk. I needed help in the morning to get dressed. I felt despaired. My regular doctor told me to just take Motrin, drink tea, and sleep on my stomach.

 I was in desperate need of help. I was tired of getting up every morning and crying because the pain was so bad.  When first coming to see Dr. Wei, it took a while to find the best treatment for me. But during the whole time of finding out what was best for me, Dr. Wei was encouraging, sympathetic, hopeful, and told me that together we were not going to give up. I felt that I had met what I call my "miracle worker".
I cannot sing enough praises about Dr. Wei. If it weren't for him, I know I wouldn't be walking today."


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