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   When you have a bad cough after a cold this could be bronchitis. If you have a fever, chills, and aches make sure to see your doctor. You could have developed acute bronchitis which is caused by a virus. This is how to cope with that bad cough left over from the flu or a cold. Make sure you go to the doctor to check that you don't have phenomena or some other serious problem in your lungs. When you are coughing up phlegm and are having trouble breathing you might have bronchitis.  You should not cough on other people this can spread the infection. Always take your temperature and try to stay warm. Coughing up mucus will help clear your lungs and airways, coughing is actually good for you. You need to rest and let your body work on the infection.

 You should keep the air warm and moist in the room where you are resting.  You can use a humidifier if you have one this will help with your breathing. You can also boil some water and let the steam into the room or take a hot shower and breath in the steam this will help with the bronchitis. You should drink plenty of liquids. Hot tea, chicken broth, or any type of hot liquids will help sooth a sore throat and break up the sputum.  When you lay down it is better to lay in an upright position instead of laying flat. It is better to stay quiet then trying to do work or activities this will only make the coughing worse and slow down getting to feel better. You need to gargle several times a day with warm salt water a teaspoon of salt in eight ozs. of warm water. Gargle and spit out the water this will sooth your throat will kill some of the germs in the throat. It is important to kill the germs.

  When you are experiencing some aches and pains you can take some aspirin but this is a virus and aspirin will have no effect on it. If you smoke cigarettes this will add to the bronchitis since the bronchial tubes are already irritated. You should not smoke at all. It is not advisable to take a cough suppressant but check with your doctor if the coughing gets out of control. You should keep an eye on what you are coughing up to make sure it does not have blood or changes color.
 Do not touch other people or cough on them this will only spread the infection. Make sure to wash your hands several time a day with a good anti-bacterial soap.

  If you have an underlying chronic disease or suffer from asthma, allergies, or other serious respiratory problems you need to see your doctor to see if you have developed systems of acute bronchitis.  Tell your doctor if you suffer frequent bouts of bronchitis since you may be suffering from a more serious respiratory problem the requires medical treatment. While letting nature take its course is usually the best treatment. The most worrisome complications include pneumonia, sinus infections and ear infections.

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