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 How to cope and deal with yeast infections. Signs and most common symptoms of vaginal yeast infection as well as recommendations for treatment options.  Candida is the scientific name for yeast. It is a fungus that lives almost everywhere, including in your body. Usually, your immune system keeps yeast under control

 Yeast infections and Candida or yeast are normal inhabitants of the skin, mouth, genital tract. Our bodies contain billions of different microorganisms that have different functions in the body.  Many fight harmful bacteria that can enter our body and fight off infections. Many perform helpful function to keep you healthy.  They will only harm you when your body gets out of balance which allows these organisms to grow beyond healthy levels.


 Many people today suffer from yeast infections or candida. This has been cause by the overuse of antibiotics, sugar, contraceptives and steroids. It has been estimated the 60 million people a year suffer from candida or yeast infections. The most common cause of candida is the use of oral antibiotics which also kill the good bacteria of the colon. Taking these medications should be watched and consulted with your doctor.

 Yeast infections may also be caused by dietary indiscretions and stress. If you eat sugar in excess it will feed the yeast and upset the normal balance in your system. Yeast overgrowth can also be caused by poisons like mercury, mold and mold spores.

 When women have an overgrowth of yeast in their colon it can spread to their genital tract and produce vaginities. You can then try a virginal cream to help stop the infection. It is best that you see your doctor for treatment. If you wait to long it can spread to other parts of the body. It can also show up in the mouth. Candida can cause problems throughout the body and suppress the immune system.

 Direct allergies properties of yeast and candida give off other toxins and can start allergies to certain foods and chemicals. Candida appears to interfere with normal female hormone components by blocking progesterone. It is know to deplete vitamin B complex group which is used in red blood cell formation.

     Treating Candida and other Yeast Infections.

 You need to pay close attention to your diet. You need to eliminate sugar since it serves as a major source for the yeast in your body. You should also reduce the amount of fermented or yeast containing products such as MSG. Some doctors give yeast injections to build up your tolerance if you suffer from yeast infections all the time.

 There are studies that have shown that some clothes and fragrances can cause a candida imbalance. Another compound that is know to kill yeast is garlic especially in the bulb form. You can also try citrus seeds extract from grape fruits. You can try golden seal or berberine which is a herbal product.

  Zinc also stimulates the immune system along with vitamin A and copper which strengthens the immune system. Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which help to fluidize the red cell membranes and improve circulation. Magnesium is also important it serves as a partner in many detoxification reactions. It also helps to counter fatigue especially when taken with potassium. It is very important before you start taking any of these supplements that you consult with your doctor this is very important. People with candida have been found to have low levels of folic acid.

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