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 The VF-360 Defense System - GET REVITALIZED -Works Great

  Canker sores are painful and hurt when you eat or drink. You need to tell the difference between a canker sore and a cold blister. A cold blister usually starts and a small blister then become one large sore. Canker sores are normally short lived and can be treated fairly easily. Cold sores are contagious but canker sore are not. A canker sore has a yellow and gray center with a red border.

 They can be located on the inside of the gums ,inside of the cheek or on the tongue. If you are constantly getting them you need to go to your dentist. Poor oral hygiene, chewing tobacco will cause the sore to continue and become infected. You could be deficient in iron or vitamin b12 this is know to cause them. Women are more prone to them then men no one knows why. They are the results of poor diets a canker sore can be the result. There are many different symptoms they can very in each person.

 Canker sores can be caused by stress or poor diets. They can be caused by a injury to the mouth. Some sores are caused by certain food such as citrus foods and spicy dishes. Canker sores can last up to a week but with some treatments you can get faster relief. One of the less familiar treatments is to use a styptic pencil on the sore it will reduce the pain by numbing the nerve endings. You can make a home made remedy by doing the following. Mix together equal amounts milk of magnesia or kaopectate liquid and benylin. Take a cotton swap and swap the sore with it. They contain ingredients that will reduce inflammation and ease the pain from the canker.

 You can also use products like orabase which will coat the sore and relieve some of the pain. You need to stay away from foods that are hot and spicy or are acidic they will burn and make the canker sore more painful. Rough foods such as potato chips should be avoided. When brushing your teeth take it easy and avoid rubbing the sore with the tooth brush. Make sure to watch what you eat especially tomatoes, oranges and any type of foods that contain citric acid. Remember that stress can cause canker sores so you need to remove the stress in your life and exercise more.

 Good oral hygiene keeping your hands out of your mouth are preventative measures. Brush your teeth and rinse with a mouth wash several times a day this will kill the germs and help heal the sore. Make sure to change your tooth brush every month will also help. Be sure to brush your tongue to remove bacteria from it. Drink plenty of water this keeps your mouth clean and remove food particles and germs.

 I have a chronic mouth sore condition and this is the only medicine that I've found that works. I only use it at night and it takes a very small amount to be effective. I love that it forms an airtight gel covering which lasts the whole night. I've been using it for years, but it has become harder to find locally,
     Help with Canker Sores

  Vivia Formula - VF-360 Defense System

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