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 You can cope with chronic fatigue syndrome lack of energy

  Unexplained fatigue, lack of energy, depression can the be the result of CFS. It is one of the hardest conditions to diagnose. Here are some ideas that will help with chronic fatigue syndrome or help prevent CFS.

 The first thing to do is consult with your doctor if you have been having problems such as muscle pain, lack of a good nights sleep, sore throat. A general feeling of  no energy after having some of these symptoms for 6 months or more. If you suffer from chronic fatigue you need to talk with your doctor. There are several medications the he can prescribe.

 You need to find a doctor the takes CFS seriously. You will need to call around and find a doctor that is experienced with this type of disorder.

 According to a recent Mayo Clinic study on weight loss, participants who received cash incentives were more likely to stick with the weight-loss program and lost more weight than participants who received no incentives. Find your incentive when you bet on your weight loss with a HealthyWager from HealthyWage.


  You can help yourself by starting some physical activities along with a positive emotional attitude. Activities such as yoga, walking, tai chi are more effective than high impact exercises. These types of workouts combined with a positive mental outlook will help with chronic fatigue syndrome.

 You will also need to work on getting a good nights sleep. There are many different ways to fall asleep at night. Read a book until your tired, listen to soft soothing music, do some deep breathing routines. Do not lay there and think about all the problems you are having with CFS.

  Remember you need to store your energy, sit instead of standing, get a handicap sticker for your car. Make sure to rest through the day. You can make a list of priorities to do during the day and rest after you get them done. You need to have fun in your life remember a positive mental state is important to cope with CFS. Work on your sense of humor by going to funny movies ,read jokes, anything that distracts you from your daily stress and not dwell on failures in your life.  You can talk to your doctor about alternative therapies. There are herbal and dietary supplements that you can try. You should rely on testimonials rather then studies to prove there worth. Check with the Centers of Disease Control for more guidelines on CFS.
 You should not start a workout routine without consulting your doctor. How to lower reduce blood pressure for better health So many people in the world have problems with high blood pressure, or hypertension.  Here are some tips you can follow to lower it.

 First off, exercise.  Exercise gets the body moving and blood flowing.  This will allow to blood to circulate through the body easier, in turn reducing blood pressure levels.  Exercise will burn fat as well which is beneficial.  A second tip is modify your diet.  What you eat affects your bodily functions and how you feel. You need to eat fruits, vegetables and lean meats.  you need to decrease fat, sodium, and cholesterol intakes.  Water is needed in your body and in your cells for them to function properly drink plenty of filtered water. You need to drink fruit juices.  If you buy juice it needs to be 100% juice, not a cocktail.  Look on the label  make sure it is 100% juice.

 Reducing stress and anxiety levels is essential.  Try to relax and  practice deep breathing techniques.  Take five deep breaths in, hold it, then slowing release the air.  This will help you relax.  Yoga is another step to relaxation.  This will not only get you exercise, it will teach you techniques to relax.

 Getting enough sleep at night is very important as well.  Sleep is when our bodies rejuvenate themselves to function properly during the day.  Inadequate sleep and rest leads to more caffeine coffee, soda,  which increases blood pressure.  Get enough sleep at night so you do not drink as much caffeine during the day!

 You body is working to reduce your blood pressure as well.  Studies have shown that gas has chemicals in it that when it is released relaxes the blood vessels. Another overall tip, cut out bad habits, smoking etc.  Keep in mind, if you have problems with your blood pressure and cannot get it controlled on your own, you need to see a doctor.  Medications are available to help reduce blood pressure. Many different blood pressure medications do have side effects.

 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is one of the most enigmatic medical disorders of our time, striking adults most often in their most productive years. With the controversial debate over cause and treatment of the illness in mind, the authors seek to unravel many of the questions surrounding the disorder and its features and characteristics. Integrating an overview of the latest research with patients' personal experiences, they look at CFS in relation to: * clinical features * personal and economic implications * biological and psychosocial factors * experiencing symptoms * coping with the illness. This book will provide hope for people with chronic fatigue syndrome and will assist health professionals in working with people with CFS to improve their quality of life.


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