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 There are three main causes of infectious disease, bacteria, viruses, and  rickettsiae. There are the problems caused by parasites such as internal worms, scabies and the tropical larvae of the warble fly and the tiny chigger. Diseases caused by bacteria include dysentery, cholera, tuberculosis and diptheria.

 The common cold ,influenza, measles and such are viruses. Some human parasites such as the itch mite which cause scabies cannot live long off the human host so they die quickly. Some diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, may be associated with both poverty poor food choices and affluence  long life spans and sedentary lifestyles. Infectious diseases, also known as transmissible diseases or communicable diseases comprise clinically evident illness.

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 Many factors influence the roles that disease plays in our lives and societies.  Infectious diseases strike the underfed, and chronic diseases the overfed.  In Africa, infectious and parasitic diseases are responsible for about half of all earths. Scurvy is a deficiently disease caused by the lack of vitamin C this used to be trouble for sailors. You are not at risk if you eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Symptoms include bleeding gums, loose teeth easy bruising and breathlessness. The disease to which the person is most likely to be exposed to in tropical countries are those carried in water or by insects and animals. Prevention is better then treatment in foreign countries. Make sure to purify your water. Clean your hands before preparing and eating food. Wash and peal fruits clean your utensils before eating. Cover your body with clothes to help prevent insect bites. The simplest rule is to boil all water even before you brush your teeth. If you have a cut make sure you keep it bandages and out of water.

    There are many world wide diseases here are a few:

 Leptospirosis: Spread by rodents and infected water which causes a serious form of jaundice. You can have lethargy, and high temperature it can be treated with procane penicillin and tetracycline by a doctor.

 Infectious Hepatitis: It is passed by the feces and urine of infected people and through scratches or wounds. You will have nausea loss of appetite and abdominal pain the skin usually turns yellow. Rest and seeing your doctor are the only treatments.

 Cholera: Sometimes thought as a tropical disease however it is world wide where ever unsanitary conditions exist. Systems include vomiting, loss of pulse at the wrist, cold clammy skin and muscle cramps. To prevent this you can be inoculation with cholera vaccine.

 Rocky Mountain Spotted fever: Spread by ticks in the Western United states. Ticks burrow beneath the skin like a
small pin prick where it loges onto the skin.

 Prickly Heat: Can occur in very hot conditions without acclimatization. Heavy sweating coupled with rubbing clothing can cause blockage in the sweat glands and skin irritation. Excess sweat does not clear sufficiently the glands are blocked and the effect of sweating is lost. You should remove your clothing, wash the body with cool water and put on dry clothes.

 Heatstroke: The most serious result of overexposure to the sun. You can have hot dry skin, face flush and feverish and sweating stops. Your pulse becomes fast and strong, severe headache many time with vomiting. You can lose consciousness. Treatment includes laying in the shade with your head and shoulders slightly raised and remove your outer clothing. Cool the body with tepid water which can be sprinkled over the body. Make sure
to drink some water slowly. It is most important to get your temperature back to normal.


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