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 You can prevent elbow injuries like tennis elbow and strengthen the elbow

 The elbow come under stress in many activities. It is important to strengthen the elbow area. Injuries such as tennis elbow can be prevented with proper exercise and conditioning of the elbow area.

  When you fall many times you extend your arm and the elbow takes the brunt of the force to soften the blow. The same is true when you use an improper swing in tennis which causes tennis elbow.

 This can cause injuries to the elbow area. If you play sports you need to use proper equipment to protect the elbow area.

 According to a recent Mayo Clinic study on weight loss, participants who received cash incentives were more likely to stick with the weight-loss program and lost more weight than participants who received no incentives. Find your incentive when you bet on your weight loss with a HealthyWager from HealthyWage.

You also need to strengthen the muscles around the elbow with proper physical conditioning. You need to focus on all the muscles of the forearm and make them stronger.

  Using light weights, dumbbell or a weight ball are good to start strengthen the forearm and elbow. Using a weighed ball shift from hand to hand finishing with an bicep curl. You can also do a wrist flexion. Place your forearm off the edge of a table with your palm face up. Slowly do a wrist curl and return to the starting position using a light dumbbell to start. You can take a tennis ball and squeeze it this helps strengthen the forearm area. You need to make sure you warm up properly and stretch the wrist and forearm to help prevent further injuries.

  Injuries such as tennis elbow are caused by repetitive throwing type motions or the impact of the tennis ball with the racquet. If your elbow area is not strong enough to absorb the impact it can cause an injury. If you are having pain, swelling or a snapping sound in the elbow this could be a sign that your elbow is injured. You need to ice the area and consult with a doctor.

     You can live with arthritis pain and ease joint pain

  Arthritis is something some of us have to live with.  It is painful and inflicts us as we get older. Here are some steps that we can take to ease arthritis discomfort and joint pain. There is no cure for arthritis but coping techniques will leave you more active and in control of your activities.

  First make sure to check with your doctor on what medications you can take that will help with the joint pain. If you suffer from sever arthritis make sure to plan your day. Schedule the most demanding tasks first so you will have the greatest amount of energy. Try and avoid activities that put strain on your fingers and joints. make sure to use the palms of your hands when you have to lift an object. Make sure to keep any heavy lifting to a minimum. Do not lock your joints for long periods of time. Relax and stretch your body as much as possible.

  When it is possible use your arms to carry out an activity, such as pushing open a heave door with the side of your body. If you have a task that can be done sitting down do that instead of standing. 

 You should replace round handles and doorknobs with long handles they will require a less stressful grip. You can tape a layer of foam around the handles of rakes, shovels, pens , pencils and other household tools. make sure to use electric appliances to do the work for you this will help with any joint pain in your fingers.

  Lower your storage areas so you don't have to strain your leg joints or climb on foot stools. You can also buy a hand gripper for items that are hard to pick up. If you have to climb stairs lead with your stronger leg and on the way down lead weaker leg. If you are working outside in the yard use a stool rather then stooping over especially if you have lower back pain from arthritis.  For more information and help contact your local Arthritis Foundation.

 This book provides hard-earned, practical, detailed information that is critical for successful healing of arthritis, but that has never been collected before in one book. Without this information many people with arthritis will not get well. The information is organized into a well-researched, easy-to-follow plan for getting well again and includes case histories of people with dramatic and lasting recoveries. it focuses not just with coping with the symptoms of arthritis, but on correcting its underlying causes using proven alternative medicine and pain management techniques.

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