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  The best source of glucose is carbohydrates. The key is how rapidly these carbohydrates enter your blood stream. If they rush in (either by eating processed carbohydrates or simply too many carbohydrates for your body), you will have excess glucose in your blood stream, causing your blood sugar to spike. In turn, your pancreas secretes insulin. Insulin is your body's most powerful storage hormone. Insulin totally blocks your body's ability to burn fat, converts all the excess blood sugar into triglycerides (blood fats), and stores these fats in your fat cells. Insulin causes your blood sugar to plummet, leaving you in a hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) state. This is a stressful state, which triggers the release of cortisol, a very destructive hormone that suppresses your immune system, encourages fat storage, accelerates brain aging, and breaks down your muscles and bones.

  Because your brain is totally dependent upon glucose, your brain is now starving. Everything becomes secondary to food. The most appealing food to your glucose-starved brain is sugar and other processed carbohydrates. Excess insulin causes you to store fat, become mentally unfocused, and hungry. It is not lack of will power that causes cravings and binge eating? it is your blood sugar, thrown out of balance when you eat processed carbohydrates or too many carbohydrates for your body. What is the answer? The solution is to get ?EnergyFirst?.

  Start every meal with at least 4-6 oz lean, complete protein. Examples include Energyfirst whey protein isolate, chicken, turkey, fish, and non-fat dairy. Add a tablespoon of good fats/oils. Examples include: Energyfirst omega oil blend, Energyfirst Omega Mix, avocado, raw nuts, raw seeds, and extra virgin olive oil. And, lastly, add no more than 1 serving of good carbohydrates. Examples include: Energyfirst Greenergy, 2 cups vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and legumes.
Why does this work? The lean protein and good fat slow down the conversion of the carbohydrates into glucose in your blood stream, making them time-released, therefore keeping your blood sugar stable and controlling the release of insulin.



  Founded in 1997 EnergyFirst is one of the leading providers of quality nutrition supplements and cutting edge health education. We proudly provide, direct to the consumer, 100% natural, energizing nutritional supplements that are backed by scientific integrity and are in harmony with optimal health and well-being.

  The EnergyFirst Program is the cornerstone of our high-energy lifestyle philosophy. The program outlines a complete lifestyle approach with an emphasis not just on losing weight, but on getting lean, increasing energy, and attaining optimal health and wellness for life. The program is based on cutting edge research from pre-eminent anti-aging and sports nutrition specialists including Dr Michael Colgan PhD CCN and Udo Erasmus PhD CCN, and scientific research foundations including Life Extension Foundation and the Whey Protein Institute.

  Whey protein is derived from milk proteins as part of the cheese manufacturing process (remember the nursery rhyme "Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey"). For decades whey was used as animal feed. Veterinarians, who are some of the best nutritionists in the world, noticed how healthy the animals got when they were fed whey, which led to research into the benefits of whey. By 1992 a process was developed to extract the pure amino acids from milk proteins leaving behind all the sugar (lactose), fat, and cholesterol. What the nutritional scientists came up with is the purest, cleanest, most biologically available (most easily absorbed) source of protein in history. Whey protein isolate is the richest source of the 8 essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids your body needs for growth, energy, and vibrant health.
Boost your energy levels here EnergyFirst