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  There are foods that will help with fatigue and sugar is not one of them. Drinking strong cups of coffee are not the answer even when your tired or late for an appointment. Even just thinking about fatigue and being tired from the same routine day in and day out can make it worse. You need to change your routines and eating the right food can be a big help. Research and doctors have confirmed the just making some changes in your diet can help greatly. The right food can have a substantial effect on your energy levels .There are foods that can snap your energy and other that can give you energy to burn. This is all controlled by the neurons in the brain from research done by scientists. Research has shown that dopamine and norepinephrine can effect energy levels. Research has shown the you will have more energy and less fatigue when you have large amounts of these chemicals.

  Your diet is responsible for getting these natural chemicals so you will have less fatigue. You need to eat food that contains the amino acid tyrosine which will raise your energy levels. You need to consume balance portions of protein like fish, chicken, or low fat yogurt. Eating just three or four ounces of broiled chicken, hard boiled eggs feed your brain research has shown. You should not over load when you eat as this will load you up with fat so you need to be careful not to over eat. Research  has shown the eating fruits with vitamin C will also help with more energy.

Iron is also essential for less fatigue especially in women. Even small amount of iron deficiently can make you tired and run down. Many of the red meats are full of iron. Just a three ounce serving contains plenty of iron. You need to balance your diet with carbohydrates and protein and you will see your fatigue being replaced with more energy. It is much better to eat several small meals through the day instead of two or three large meals.

  Sugar is a major cause of fatigue after the quick boost of energy then the crash starts. It produces serotonin which is a brain calming chemical. You need to stay away from sugar in your drinks and snacks. Starches which gradually release their energy into the blood stream sugar careens in all at once causing blood sugar to spike. This is not what you want for your fatigue treatment. Test subjects that suffered from fatigue, depression, and moodiness were put on a sugar and caffeine free diet for two weeks. Many of them showed a great improvement in their health.

  Research has shown the skipping breakfast is a big mistake. It can lead to over eating and being tired through the day. Their performance during the day was much lower then people that ate a balanced breakfast. Scientist have reported that eating whole grain cereals with low fat milk and fresh fruit or whole wheat toast topped with low fat cheese and with a glass of real orange juice no added sugar
can energize your day.


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