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 It is in your best interests to keep your heart fit and healthy and one way of doing that is eating food that contains fish oil.
In Athens, Greece, a study was made to show if there was a direct relationship between high fish diet and inflammation of blood vessels.

 The results revealed that those who ate more fish than the others had a lower level of C-reactive protein and interleukin-6,they are commonly used to measure if you have blood vessel inflammation. These results remained even when the different risks associated with high fish diet were taken into account.

 You will see benefits of Fish Oil for fitness and health if done properly. You should be pleased to learn that certain studies have revealed the benefits of fish oil for asthma-burdened individuals.

 According to a recent Mayo Clinic study on weight loss, participants who received cash incentives were more likely to stick with the weight-loss program and lost more weight than participants who received no incentives. Find your incentive when you bet on your weight loss with a HealthyWager from HealthyWage.


 There are facts about Fish Oil essential fatty acids will always be part of our daily diet.  Essential fatty acids are divided into two families: omega-6 EFAs and omega-3 EFAS.
Although there are only slight differences to distinguish the two groups of essential fatty acids from each other, studies have revealed that too much intake of omega-6 EFAs can lead to inflammation, blood clotting and tumor growth. You should make sure you are aware of your diet and taking fish oil. It is true for omega-3 EFAs. Omega-6 EFAs can be found in vegetable oils while omega-3 EFAs can be found in fish oils among other foods.

 Omega-6 vs. Omega-3 Physicians and scientists are of the same opinion that the cause behind increasing cases of heart disease, hypertension or high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, premature aging and certain kinds of cancer is none other than an imbalanced intake of omega-3 and omega-6 EFAs.

 Omega-6 EFAs can be found in vegetable oils. This includes but is not limited to corn oil and soy oil, both of which contains high amounts of linoleic acid. Omega-3 EFAs can be found in marine plankton and walnuts and flaxseed oils. Eskimos have shown that one of the major reasons why they rarely suffer from heart diseases is because of their high-fat diet  mainly composed of fish .

 The two essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, are also helpful in preventing atherosclerosis, heart attacks, depression and various forms of cancer. Fish oil supplemented food have also proven to be useful in treating illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, Reynaud’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

 Other Benefits of Fish Oil if taken in moderation can lead to a healthy heart, but make sure to follow your doctor's advise. Reports have shown a regular diet of food with high linoleum acid content as the reason behind it.

 Researchers of  University of Wyoming  conducted a study by subjecting a number of children to a high-fish diet while others continued with their regular diet. Results revealed that the participants who ate more fish were less prone to asthma attacks and were able to breathe more easily .

 Consult Your nutritionist for more information.  Fatty fish and fish oils contain eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid , fatty acids that have been reported to provide many benefits to the human body. Fish oil supplements weight-loss diet which includes a regular amount of fish consumption can be quite effective in reducing blood pressure and helping with glucose tolerance.
 There are lots of diets being offered, but health professionals have stated time and time again that the best types of diets are those that incorporate all types of foods such as grains, lean meats, fruits, vegetable and some oils from time to time.  An exercise program is also easy to start.  You don't need any fancy equipment such as a home gym or to sign up for a contract, just start walking for thirty minutes to one hour each day. The good news is that both diet and exercise are extremely effective at losing the weight fast and toning your body.

 With a diet and exercise plans you can usually lose about ten pounds a month while shaping up your body and building muscle tone. With the proper use you should include fish oil.

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