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  Here is some basic help with the prevention or relief from the pain of gout. Gout is a form of arthritis where the glass like shards of uric acid penetrate into joints causing severe pain. Even a light weight blanket on the infected area can cause pain. You can also suffer from fever and chills as the body tries to fight of the assault of gout. Most men that are over weight can get gout but women can also contract it. Uric acid that causes gout is part of our system. The uric acid is used to break down protein by products called purines.

 Normally the body eliminates the uric acid through the kidneys and it passes in your urine. People with gout for some reason do not eliminate the uric acid in their system. Over time the acids condenses into sharp little crystals that lodge in your joints causing inflammation and pain. Health research has shown the the big toe is a favorite target followed by ankles, knees, and hands. Gout can take a long time between attacks and usually at night when it reoccurs. The pain can last for days or even weeks. With out treatment the gout attacks will be more painful and frequent. After many years lumps can form under the skin nears the joints. People with untreated gout will developed uric acid kidney stones.

 There is not a cure for gout but you can control the out breaks. You need to drink plenty of water and lose weight. Hydrating flushes the uric acid out of your system. If you are obese it has been linked to having more uric acid in your blood. You need to start a weight loss program which will help keep it under control and the out breaks will be far apart. If you are more then ten pounds over weight later in life it nearly doubles the risk of gout from research studies. If you are younger keeping the weight off will go a long way in preventing gout.

 You can work on not eating foods that are high in purines. This can help reduce the effects of the systems and pain. Some of the food high in purines are organ meats, liver, kidney and sweetbreads, sardines, asparagus, mushrooms and beans. If you like to drink alcohol you need to cut back on the beer and wine. Getting more water into your system will dilute the uric acid in the blood stream and prevent crystals from forming according to medical research.

 Do eating cherries or drinking cherry juice sugar free has been reported to work in eliminating gout. Seven hundred people with gout drank and ate cherries and sixty seven percent said their systems had gone away. Sugar free black cherry juice had the same results according to people with gout. Several medical journals have reported the same results from people that ate and drank sugar free cherry juice.


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