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 The VF-360 Defense System - GET REVITALIZED -Works Great

  Feng Shui wind and water in the home and your inner spirit will help you live longer and have a happier life. It is important to have domestic harmony Chi's is your invisible life force and has been proven that we all have it. It is a positive life flow that is in all nature, people, and even homes. When this positive energy is blocked problems can occur in your life and homes. Feng Shui goes back more then five thousand years in China and in its basic form can create harmony in your home.
 You should have a home where it can flow through out each room in a gentle way. The flow of Ch'i in
the room should be used in a way in which the purpose of the room is intended. In rooms with work you
should have mirrors, crystals and wind chimes to help the relaxing effect of the room. Bedrooms should
have less to promote quiet sleep and happy dreams. A tall flowering plant gives energy to a room and
directs the flow of Chi upwards and onwards.

 Negative energy in the home is created by having straight lines and sharp edges. Try and break them up
with rounded corners and plants and relaxing throws. You can use mirrors and crystals and wind chimes
bring a positive energy flow to people and the home. A picture of a powerful animal such as a dragon or
tiger will reverse negative energy.

 The right colors will create harmony in the home. Light colors white and cream are great for halls and
entrances. Red and green are for attracting wealth in a working area. You will need light pastels in
the bedrooms to promote peace and restfulness. This is all part of creating your own Feng Shui which
in turn should help you to have inner peace. You need to create a positive flow in your home. You
should remove any clutter and broken item that are blocking the positive harmony in the home. Make
sure plants are health and have crystals in the proper places.

 You can experiment with each room by moving furniture adding a wind chime or a mirror or sun catcher.
Living plants such as bamboo create a nice but powerful and positive energy flow, do not use artificial
plants do not have energies. You can burn some eucalyptus oil or lavender to help with your own inner
peace and relaxation.

 To create harmony on the home you can use water elements. A dish of rose water or a dish of water with
colored stones or crystals with blue or green oil. Air elements can be a fragrant oil burner an
incense stick or feathery grasses with a lavender oil on them. Pot pourri in a dish of peppermint will
also create harmony in the room. You can use racks of fruits in the eating areas will help with
relaxation and keep sharp item out of sight. Domestic harmony is important in your life to reduce
stress and make you love your life and well being.


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