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  Build muscles with the proper diet and exercise. As you know muscle beats fat and keeps you healthy
and in better shape. You can lift weight and stay lean and it helps reverse the aging process of the
muscle. You can do lunges, squats, crunches and bench presses. If you can do this twice a week you
will help build muscles. You can use light weights with more repetitions so you don't build up bulk
muscle. You don't need to worry about having big biceps or triceps if you use light weight. A pound of
muscle at rest burns about sic calories, while a pound of fat only burns about two. Plus after you
lift weights the post work out your body uses oxygen to refuel your tired muscles. Build muscles which
is more compact then fat giving you a better look.

 Simple work outs can help you lose weight and stay limber and slim down your body. The amount of
correct building muscles impacts the amount of weight you gain. At their peak they make up about forty
percent of your body weight. This will start to go down after the age of thirty, the muscle fibers
decrease. The water content of your tendon lessons which can cause stiffness. You can feel this as it
its harder to recover after a work out so you need to keep working out and this will slow the process
for some time. A recent study showed the a people the worked twice a week for twelve weeks had a fifty
three percent increase in strength along with proper diet and hydration.

   Here is a list of the best foods for healthy muscles.

 Pinto Beans: They are filled with protein 15 grams a cup and about sixteen percent of your dose of

 Chicken Dark Meat: less fat then beef and loads of iron a building block for hemoglobin which your
muscles use.

 Sunflower Seeds: They contain vitamin E which will boost antioxidant capacity, which you use for your
muscles during a work out.

 Halibut: One serving of halibut contains about a quarter of you vitamin D intake and essential hormone
for healthy muscles.

 Whole Grain Cereal: Skin milk has whey protein which is full of an amino acid called leucine that
helps build your muscles and burn fat and the grains are full of complex carbs.

  The amount of healthy muscle you have impacts how much weight you gain. This is a great influence of
the rest of you health. Many people hate cooking and are not afraid to admit it. But you know that you
have to change the way we eat to live a healthier lifestyle. This book has all the basic facts you
need to know about healthy cooking. The recipes are very simple and they taste great. You are afraid
that the recipes are going to taste bland and not have a whole lot of flavor but you are completely
wrong. People have tried at many recipes, and they have been fantastic. And on top of that, they are
so easy to prepare.

      Healthy Muscle Help


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