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  The easiest way to live a Paleo lifestyle at our lowest prices of the year.

 People break out in hives which are caused by an allergic reaction to some food are event. Many times a small amount of something that you are allergic to can cause an outbreak on the skin know as hives. When you have an swelling around the face and throat you should go to the emergency room or get to our doctor immediately. Eating some strawberries and you break out in hives you need to stay away from them you are having an allergic reaction. Strawberries contain a chemical that can cause an reaction on your skin in the form of hives. Make sure to be careful if you eat peanuts, tomatoes, various spices they can cause skin hives.

 Many people can break out from tight fitting clothing. You should not wear tight waist bands underwear, if you are susceptible to hives. Most of the time you will break out right away it is unlikely that what you ate a day ago is causing the hives if you break out. Hives usually break out within a half an hour of eating or drinking something you are allergic too. Hives can last a few days or longer depending on how allergic you are to the substance.

 You should not scratch the area this will only irritate the area. When it is time to go to bed and you will scratch them wear gloves to bed. You can lightly wrap the area with an elastic bandage so you can not scratch the hives. Make a milk compress with cool milk and lay it on the area of the skin for ten to fifteen minutes. You can also try putting some ice in a towel and lay it on the area. You can use a moisturizer on the dry skin this will help relieve some of the itch.

 Try taking a bath in warm water and use a mixture of half a box of baking soda and a cup of oatmeal. You can try a one percent topical cortisone lotion that is available with out a prescription. You can try oral Benadryl that is also available as an over the counter product. You should only take this at night because it may cause drowsiness. If you are having several hive outbreaks you should consult with your dermatologist. Hives will get better in a few days so do not scratch then this will only make them itch more.

   Athletes foot

 These fungal skin conditions can be prevented and treated with the proper treatment. Try some of these fix it remedies for athletes foot, jock itch and skin rashes. If your are playing sports skin rashes can be prevented with good personal hygiene. Fungus grows in moist, wet ,dark areas like showers and locker rooms especially if they are heavily used. If you are wearing tight spandex, jock straps it can cause fungal growth easier to catch. This type of clothing will cause chaffing which can lead to skin rashes. Fungal infections can be diagnosed by redness and itching of the effected skin area. You should shower after any sports activity.

 Make sure to dry your groin area ,under arms and the spaces between your toes. You should wear clean underwear and socks everyday. When you are in the locker room make sure to wear some kind of sandal and you should not walk around in bare feet. Do not touch any socks that are left on the floor the socks could be contaminated with athletes foot. If your heals are red and you are itching between the toes you probable are infected this would be a first sign. Itching and scratching will only make it worse. You can spread the athletes foot to other parts of your body. You need to dry your feet completely and apply a topical antifungal agent or power after each shower and put on dry clean socks. Keep the infected area clean and dry and apply anti-fungal creams and powders to help control the
athletes foot


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