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  Keeping your home free of indoor air pollution is good for your health and the environment. Many of the chemicals in the air are not harmless. You can see this now when so many people get sick from something in their home. The number of chemicals in the home that are harmful is staggering. It is important that today we try to keep are home as green as possible. In our homes you can find pesticides, mothballs, room deodorizers, house cleaners and drain cleaners. These contain harmful chemicals. Expose to solvents has become a primary source for being sick and ill. All these chemicals can accumulate in our bodies and attack our immune systems. For many people pets can cause problems from animal danderís. Today most people know that asbestos is one of the major causes of lung cancer. Commercial deodorizers only add more toxic fumes to the air.
 Some of them work by deadening the nose nerve endings. They can also be absorbed through the skin and enter the nervous system. EMR electromagnetic radiation is emitted from modern electronic appliances. But since it is invisible it easy to believe that it doesn't exist. Since EMR interferes with the body's revitalization processes it may create other conditions as well. These can include sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, mood swings and loss of energy. Many older building have fluorescent lighting that can lead to health problems. If you are sitting in this type of lighting all day it does not contain the full spectrum of sun light. This can lead to depression and decreased productivity in the work place. This type of lighting can cause eye strain and fatigue.
 It is well documented the pesticides are know to be extremely toxic both outdoors and indoors. These chemical can get into the ground water and into a person's well. Dr, William Ray has documented cases where the wells were contaminated and made the people sick from drinking their own well water. Pesticides get into the fat tissues of our bodies. The pesticide often goes to the myelin sheath which is the fatty coating protecting the nervous system. Another indoor pollutant is Radon which is odorless and an invisible gas. Radon is usually found in the basement of homes and older buildings.
 The one good thing it is easy to detect and eliminate. You can but a number of home Radon detection kits. You can install fans to move the air outside if you find radon present. In the home there are many chemicals that produce toxins. fabric care products, furniture polishes, paint products, spot removers and dry cleaning solvents. Organis solvents used in dry cleaning can effect the kidneys, heart, liver. Dr. William Ray reports the eighty percent of his patients have dry cleaning fluids in their blood stream that has been absorbed through their skin. He concludes that the only way to get rid of the problem is to address the cause and the symptoms will disappear automatically.
 Indoor Pollutants such as heavy metals have become a major problem in the indoor environment. These metals including lead, cadmium and mercury accumulate in the body and weaken the enzyme systems. Mercury poisoning's symptoms are related to a sugar intolerance and effected people crave sugar because they need it. Another big problem with indoor pollution is molds. In many areas where there is a large amount of rain causes a high mold count in the air. Molds can also grow if you have leaky pipes in your house or a damp basement. Mold are a potent immune suppressant and can cause you to become ill. Many Indoor Pollutants can lessen your natural resistance to disease causing many health problems. There are secondary bacterial infections that can occur and you could end up with additional infections. Most people have them in check it is only when they swing out of control the the health problems begin.
 While radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas, high concentrations of radon gas in the home can be hazardous to you and your family's health. Radon can seep into your home's basement or crawl space through cracks in the foundation or walls, openings or spaces around sump pumps and drains, or construction joints or flaws. The First Alert radon test kit is listed under the EPA radon gas measurement proficiency program and can be completed in as few as two to three days. Included in the cost is the lab fee for an EPA listed lab and a return mailer. The test results are returned to you within 72 hours of lab receipt, and include the recommended next steps you will need to ensure the health of your household.

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