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 There are foods that you can eat that fight and prevent bacterial infections. You cannot avoid germs all the time but eating right can help. Eating the right food can help and fight off germs. A number of food such as apples, tea, onions and kale contain flavonoids. Doctors and research has shown that green tea contains flavonoids that help fight off cold and flu. One of the most powerful flanonoids is found in onions and kale it is called quercetin. It has been shown that it blocks the flu virus. It is not known yet how much you need in your daily intake but eating these foods will help prevent flu.

 Garlic is great to eat when you have an infection. Research has show that garlic cloves in tea or food can stop infections. Research has shown that garlic can block a fungus that is responsible for meningitis and can wipe out the fungus that causes yeast infections. You can use a garlic press to press fresh garlic for tea and other foods.
You need to eat the correct food to help your immune system fight off bacterial infections. Foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin C lead the way in making your immune system stay strong. These two vitamins provide a powerful attack against germs.

 Vitamin A found in carrots, kale, spinach keep you membranes soft and moist in the nose and throat to fight off infections. In research studies people that ate more food that contained these vitamins got better much faster then a group that did not.

 Zinc of all the minerals is the most important for your immune system. If you have too little Zinc it can lead to a drop in infection fighting white blood cells. This can lead to you getting more cold and flu. It was shown in a research study that people that got their daily amount of zinc had far less infections then people that were low on zinc. There are many fresh foods that contain zinc including king crab legs, steak, lentils and also in vitamins.

 Eating the right foods helps you stay strong and fight off bacterial infections. Eating the wrong foods high in fat puts your immune in stress and makes it harder to fight off germs. Research has shown the if you cut down on fat the system increases your germ fighting and fends off infections.

 You should strive to keep your fat intake to twenty five percent a day. You need to eat less processed foods such as fast food, boxes and frozen dinners. Eating less red meat switching to low fat milk and low fat yogurt is a great way to start eating less fat. You need to eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals

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