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 Adults made an average of seven to nine hours of sleep a night but some do not this leads me insomnia has the most common sleep disorder in North America.

 The U.S. population cannot sleep well enough to function well during the day many spend countless sleepless nights tossing and turning feeling miserable. They also spend countless days exhausted.

 Insomnia is one of the least understood sleep disorders. The worst thing that insomniac can do is to lie in bed tossing and turning.

 If you can't fall asleep after 20 minutes get up and do a quiet activity such as reading or listening to relaxing music then go back to bed and try again.

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 Don't take naps during the day let yourself get good and sleepy during the day so it will be easier to get to sleep at night. Several misconceptions about sleep can make people overly concerned about their sleep and can actually keep them awake they think that because they don't feel tired. Insomnia is caused by being awakened repeatedly by mild annoyance. Try sleeping in a quieter room or where your home's noise is the least.

 Regular exercise such as walking cycling jogging or swimming helps try exercise in the morning or afternoon not late.  Don't drink alcohol it can make you feel drowsy and may actually put you to sleep it has the unpleasant side effect of waking you later in the middle of the night.

 Sleeper may elude you if your pet is too hard work to solve or if pillows are just right perhaps the most important rule for people with insomnia is to keep a strict sleep wake schedule a hotbed taken 2 hours before bedtime is a wonderful way to make your body relax the best sleep is in a dark quiet comfortable and cool room.

 Drink warm milk before bed but you may need to urinate avoid all liquids for a few hours before bedtime. Finish eating two or three hours before bedtime.

 Most prescription sleeping pills should not be used for more than a month.  They should also not be used for insomnia at high altitudes because taking sleeping pills at high altitudes may slow your breathing rate.

 Never take sleeping pills with certain drugs such as those for asthma which may cause insomnia check with your Dr. If you suspect that one of your medications is causing insomnia check with your doctor.

 The important thing is to give everything a fair trial and see what works best. Keep a notebook of what works and what doesn't it can help you identify factors interfering with your sleep and will provide help for home remedies.


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