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Professional sports clubs and teams hire individuals who are already trained in producing sports revenue, who have marketing skills that are specific to selling tickets, sponsorships, event planning, and marketing. The Sports employment is designed to give you the skill set, and competitive edge that will distinguish yourself in sports business. Upon completion of the course you will be thoroughly trained and ready to make a difference in the bottom line of any sports organization.

  People passionate about a career in sports
· Those wanting to learn about the sports industry while maintaining current employment
· People who have other commitments for whom on-line education is the best option
· Those looking to enhance their business acumen and professional development
· People who want a marketable skill that will provide them a competitive edge compared to other job seekers
· College students looking for insight often not offered on college campuses
· College students who need to obtain college credit
Typically if a person wishes to work at the collegiate or professional level a master's degree is preferred.
National Athletic Trainers' Association is an association involved in enhancing the quality of health care for athletes and those engaged in physical activity, as well as advancing the profession of athletic training through education and research.
The first of the sport job sites and one of the most demanding at the moment is that of a high school athletic trainer. The high schools across the country are looking for these types of trainers. In the state of Texas this is the most demanding and the best paid job that is offered. The state of Texas is building new high schools across the state and are putting up some very good salaries. With this job you are taking on the athletes of whatever sports the high school offers. In Texas that would include at least football, baseball, volleyball, softball, soccer, and basketball. Of course these would involve both men’s and women’s. This is a high paying job right now and is a good place to start in the athletic training world. To do training at this level there is only a requirement of state licensure.

  The second level of Training in sports would be the collegiate level. This level requires a great deal of time but most of the time you are working directly with one or two sports. This is place to find great deal of injuries of a wide variety. Also this I great learning time and a great way to see how things are run at the collegiate level. While at the college level you notice the change in demands for certain needs. This also adds to the time and learning process as well. At the college level you are responsible for fewer athletes but you are more focused on these athletes cause there is more time to work with them. To be able to be in this part of the profession requires a state licensure and national certification

  The third level of athletic training is at the professional level of sports. At this level you are living, eating, and breathing the sport you work with. There is a good deal of time required for this as well. This is where most of the trainers who have a bunch of experience and the best credentials go and work. This is something that can be achieved by a trainer who wants to do pro sports. This just takes a great deal of work and dedication to get to this level. Also you have to have the open mind to new technology as well as the open mind to learn whenever new things come along. For this job the very least requirements are state licensure and national certification.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Develop overall sports medicine program for the University, including: injury prevention programs, injury evaluations, injury management, injury treatment and rehabilitation, educational programs and counseling for student-athletes
  • Provide athletic training services for the University’s athletic department, including attendance at scheduled team practices and home and away competitions as necessary
  • Coordinate and schedule physical examinations and medical referrals for student-athletes to determine their ability to practice and compete
  • Responsible for the formation of the University’s athletic training staff, including hiring, training and supervision of assistant/associate athletic trainers, graduate assistant athletic trainers and student athletic trainers
  • Work in conjunction with the strength and conditioning staff to ensure safety in the design and implementation of fitness, nutrition and conditioning programs customized to meet individual student-athlete needs
  • Schedule and coordinate athletic training staff and students for coverage of all team practices and athletic competitions
  • Assist Athletic Director and Business Manager in the development of the sports medical program budget
  • Evaluate and recommend new techniques and equipment that would enhance the benefit of the sports medical program
  • Recordkeeping and documentation

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in appropriate area of specialization and 4 – 5 years professional experience. Master’s degree preferred, 2 – 3 years professional experience
  • Certified by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification (NATABOC)
  • State Athletic Training Licensure
  • Familiarity with NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA governing rules