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 Eating healthy can include servings of good lean meat. Leans meats like pork, venison, beef and other meats with less then twenty five percent calories from fat can provide you with a healthy diet. It will provide you with the prevention of vitamin and mineral deficiency and building stronger blood. It really depends on your intake so keeping the portions small is a good health benefit. According to doctors moderation is key so keep your portions small or every other day to keep getting the nutrients you need. Meats are rich in iron and your body can absorb it easier then from other foods.

 Iron deficiency is very common along with fatigue and anemia and meat is a great source to help with this health problem. Once you deplete your iron stores your red blood cells become smaller. This makes in harder for your lungs to send oxygen to your body. Doctors have shown that not having enough iron in your blood is the cause for anemia and loss of energy. If you are active it is important to keep an eye on your iron intake. Meats contain a type of iron called heme iron. So when you eat a health portion of meat it helps your body absorb non heme iron so you get the best iron in your body.

 Getting enough B12 is very important for you blood. If you eat meats , fish, eggs, poultry on a regular diet you are probably getting enough. If you are a strict vegetarian and don't eat these foods you could be headed for trouble. Low levels of B12 can lead to anemia and fatigue and you may not know until you are really sick. If you are very strict it is very important to take a vitamin supplement loaded with B12. Most meats are loaded with the B vitamins. In the same way you should eat fruits and vegetables you should eat lean meats to get all there health benefits.

 Eating healthy meats like pork loin and flank steak need to be cooked properly or they can be very dry and tough. You can marinate them several hours before cooking. You need to simmer them and to be successful you can braise, simmer, or poach the lean meats. You can look for free range meats which means livestock is allowed to roam instead of close quarters. many times this mean the rancher uses less antibiotics and no growth hormones. If you can afford higher priced chemical free meats then you can buy them.

 If you like to grill out lean healthy meats you need to marinate first. Grilling tastes great but it also is not great for your health. Studies have shown that you should marinate first. You can try a mixture of olive oil, brown sugar, mustard and other spices of your liking. It has been shown that this contains ninety percent less dangerous compounds then non marinated meat that was cooked the same way. A lean cut of beef such as tip round steak has thirty five percent calories from fat so make sure you read the labels about fat content. This is very important to keep a meat healthy diet.

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