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 There are many doctors and research that have proven that memory loss can be the results of poor nutritional deficiencies. It has been shown that lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet as we age can effect your memory so you need to change your diets to improve your memory. Research has shown that people are low in certain nutritional needs.

 Research has shown that as we age we need more water to prevent dehydration which is a memory problem. As we get older the body is less efficient at absorbing some minerals that our brain needs. Of course not all memory are caused by diet. So if you are healthy and are having some memory problems it could be your diet. The B vitamins are essential for improved memory health and feed the brain to keep it sharp.

 Deficiencies in vitamins B6 and B12 can cause poor memory health which has been shown by doctors. Today many foods are enriched with thiamine and niacin which supports good brain health. But in older adults who drink alcohol often these nutrients can dip to low levels.

 The best way to get enough of these minerals and vitamins is to eat foods that are enriched grains. It is not easy for the body to absorb the B vitamins as we get past 55 so you need to eat plenty of baked potatoes, bananas, turkey and take a vitamin supplement every day.

 Research has shown that lack of blood to the brain can cause memory loss. The lack of blood can be caused by a build up of cholesterol and fat in the arteries. Too much saturated fat in the diet can cause all kinds of heart and brain problems. Fruits and vegetables are packed with antioxidants that help block free radicals. You need to hydrate as much as possible it is well know that more water you drink the better your system can flush out the fat and other harm full sugars in your system.

I s your memory getting worse?... Hi  ...the #1 complaint I've heard over the years from most people over the age of 30 (heck, even "younger" people) is that they want "more energy", both physically and mentally. Having low energy levels makes your feel "old". When you have low energy, you just can't enjoy life as much, right?... - You're not as productive at work (or in life!)... - You don't have energy to exercise or do physical activities... - Your mind isn't as sharp and you have "brain fog"... - You're too tired to be "intimate" with your special someone... - You don't even enjoy your leisure time as much because you just want to rest and "do nothing". Most people say "well, I'm just getting older", but it doesn't have to be this way. There is a simple way to quickly improve and fix this and have more natural energy! In today's video, my friend Dr. Sam Robbins reveal how you can turn ON your "energy switch" and give your body the #1 element it needs for all-day youthful energy, and razor sharp thinking. Take a look and let me know what you think...

 Killing your brain cells is one of the worst things you can do to your brain to maintain memory health. Alcohol and drugs will kill brain cells. To improve your memory you need to cut down on drinks because research has shown that drinking too much can damage brain cells. Alcohol effects the part of the brain that uses memory. It has been shown that small amounts of caffeine will help memory as long as you don't over do it.

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