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  We all know the pain and discomfort that comes with headaches. There are several types but the most common are tension and migraines headaches. Both types are caused by several factors. Stress, fluctuating hormones, changes in the weather and many others. One of the main causes is the food we eat according to research and leading doctors in the field of research. Migraines are the most difficult to identify the cause but have proven that a number of foods and chemicals added to food can cause the migraine.

 While changing your diet won't stop them from happening it can make a big difference in the frequency and pain control. One of the biggest problems is tyramine. It is found in chocolate and red wine. Tyramine is an amino acid that causes the blood vessels to constrict. Another big problem is nitrites which is found in hot dogs, canned meats, dry soups and frozen dinners. If you feel a headache coming on write down all the food you ate in the last twenty four hours. You will be able in time to determine which of the foods might be causing the problem. You should avoid food that contain MSG so read the labels before eating.

 Doctors have shown the low levels of serotonin can cause headaches. It has been advise you need to raise the levels of serotonin can ease the pain and even prevent them entirely. You can eat more foods that are high in fiber and complex carbohydrates, like fresh vegetables, whole grains, dried beans. Try eating a slightly higher or more protein in the form of lean meats, eggs, or low fat cheese. If you are prone the headaches these diets might help and make sure to keep a record of what you are eating when a headache occurs.

 It has been shown that vitamin B6 will keep your nervous system healthy and shore up your immune system so it might help to take B6 if you get frequent migraine headaches. One banana or a baked potato contain B6. It also has been shown that certain minerals will help with headaches. magnesium, calcium, and iron appear they reduce frequent headaches especially migraines. Some of the food you should try are healthy cereals, nuts, seeds and leafy greens. As we know low fat dairy foods such a milk and low fat yogurt contain calcium. Many prepared meats contain iron and protein which has shown to help relieve the pain.

 If you want to try a natural spice research has shown that spice ginger which blocks the pain and inflammation in the blood vessels. Research has not shown what amounts to try, so read the labels if you try it in pill form. It is better to try fresh ginger instead of powered which can be pressed in a garlic press. You can try making a ginger tea with a teaspoon of ginger which the Chinese have been using for hundreds of years.


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