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  Nearly every guy or gal whoís tried dieting or fitness has dropped out of a program at least once. Such is life. Work and social events tend to get in the way, lack of adequate emotional support saps the willpower and boredom sets in. Eating the same kind of foods every day is boring. Suiting up at the gym only to go through the same motions is also boring. But this kind of mood can be avoided with a bit of planning and a positive attitude. Hereís a list of the most common mistakes people do when trying to get fit.

  The number one mistake has to be the failure to plan ahead. Going to the gym with a vague target in mind is the best way to fail. If your target is unclear, how can you know if youíve reached it or not? If youíre a little vague on the details, maybe you need help. Ask a doctor whatís your ideal weight and make that your goal. Or focus on the number of inches you want to drop off your stomach, bottom and thighs. That works great, too.

  Coming up with excuses to avoid going to the gym is second on this list. Yes, life tends to get in the way, but that can be arranged with some more planning. Donít quit the program just because something came up at the last moment. Reschedule your gym session and make sure you donít get lazy.

  Donít work out too little. This may seem too obvious to belong here, but a lot of people lift two dumbbells a couple of times and think theyíre done for the day. Sit down at the table for half an hour and come up with a sound training program. If you donít know enough to make your own program ask a gym trainer or a veteran bodybuilder to help you. People are usually quite happy to show off their knowledge.

  Too much fitness is also bad. Muscles need time to grow and the body needs time to burn fat. Some people think that the body only burns up fat during exercises, but this is not true. The more muscles mass you have, the faster calories get burnt because muscles need energy for maintenance all the time. Even when youíre resting. Overtraining will simply make you tired without any additional benefits.
Never compare yourself to others. We are all unique individuals with unique genetic make-ups governing our weight gain, weight loss and response to training. You shouldnít rate your performance according to the achievements of others, but stick to your own pace and your own goal. If youíre trying too hard too soon, youíre simply asking to fail.

  Donít do the same things over and over. Thereís no better way to lose motivation that doing the same exercises in the same order over and over again. Learn to juggle around with the exercises that form your routine and replace them with new ones every now and then. Find variations on a classic exercise and try them out. Make things interesting for yourself
Donít stroll into the pub straight from the gym and keep alcohol consumption on a tight leash. Alcohol has extra calories that you donít want and is also metabolized as fat and very fast. Pumping iron in the gym for 45 minutes and then throwing the entire effort away with a couple of beers is not a good way to move forward.

  Keep a close eye on your meals. Drop the fast food and snacks from your daily eating plan and forget about soft drinks. At the same time avoid starving yourself. This is a huge mistake and a lot of people do it. Never assume that you can tank your way through a fitness program while starving yourself because youíll only end up in a hospital. Muscles need nourishing meals in order to grow and starvation is a bad way to diet anyway.
And, lastly, never look for a magic fix that can save you all the trouble. You canít lose weight sitting around and moping in front of the TV or computer. It just doesnít happen. So get out and go to that gym because itís good for you. And no excuses!