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 Nutrition facts should include the role of diet and eating right for good health promotion. Poor eating habits span all age groups. Most people still eat to many calories.

 Many women and children do not eat enough calcium and iron. Protein is the major building material for your muscles.

 Vitamins , minerals and proteins are essential for your body and metabolism. Recently the American heart Association released a set of guidelines help prevent heart disease.


 Balance the food you eat with physical activity to improve your weight and circulation. You should chose a diet that is less in fat and no trans fat. You should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Exercise is key factor in lifestyle. You should start an exercise program combined with a proper diet.

 The primary purpose of the food we eat is to provide us with nutrients essential for us to live healthier. The balance from exercise and a proper diet will help reduce the risk of disease.
 Nutrition in athletes is even more important since they burn more calories. inadequate nutrient intakes have been reported of all genders. The most significant deficiency in athletes was iron. If the person suffers from a nutrient deficiency then their performance will suffer and their health.

 Many athletes may not be getting sound advise on their diets. Body energy stores of carbohydrates and fat are adequate to satisfy energy demands for one hour in competition. Good nutrition can make the difference between winning and losing.

 A nutritionally balanced diet is still the keystone of sports success. dietary supplements vary tremendously in quality. taking supplements in large doses may have detrimental effects on your health. nutrition is the only factor the influences health well being and resistance to disease.

 Dietary supplements may have some benefits in a small amount of cases. You should have a prudent healthy diet to increase your athletic activities. Although some people may need dietary supplements for various reasons, particularly vitamins and minerals. You can gain performance through a proper diet.

  Sports supplements are popular for several reasons. Athletes have believed that certain foods may posses magical qualities. Many of these supplements have been endorsed by professional athletics. Energy drinks on the market contain carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, herbs and caffeine.

 These drinks do help hydrate your body and replace the fluids lost when working out. These supplements containing essential nutrients appear to be safe. Although most dietary supplements are safe and legal ,most are not effective ergogenic aids. Before you use a supplement make sure it is safe.

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