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  You can grow organic bulk herbs here are some possible uses for your home grown organic herbs. You can grow herbs in an apartment you don't need a yard just some space to put the planters. The most common and easiest uses for your organic herbs is to dry them. To get optimal results for your dried herbs, you should pick them early in the day, when itís cooler outside.
  To harvest your home grown herbs properly for drying, you want to have a sharp pair of scissors or a sharp knife. Be sure to cut relatively large stems from your organically grown herbs. You can buy mushroom kits that are sold at garden centers.


 Make sure you to wash the herbs gently. Remember, fresh herbs are delicate. After you wash them, place them on some paper towels, or a clean cloth. You want the paper towels or cloth to absorb all the excess water from the organic herbs. After the excess water is gone, you want to lash them together in bundles. Once you have them tied into bundles, you want to hang them up. Itís best if you can hang them somewhere where they get in the way to you or your family. You should try and find a location which is a low moisture area, to get best results.

 You want to try and find somewhere in your house that is dry and arid. Place like the bathroom, or a wet, dank, basement or laundry room wouldnít be ideal places to hang your home grown herbs to dry. You may hang your organically grown herbs in direct sunlight. You should not be surprised if the natural color fades out some. Once your grown herbs are one hundred percent dried out, you can crush them up and put them in jars. The shelf life for organically grown, dried, herbs is approx. a year. You can also freeze your home grown, organic, herbs. Freezing organically grown herbs is another excellent way to preserve the flavor and freshness of your herbs. To prepare them for freezing, you would harvest them the same way as you would to dry them. You would also wash them as previously described. Once washed, you want to lay them on paper towels or a clean cloth.

 However, the difference is, you want to turn them occasionally, while they are drying. Itís extremely important all the excess water has been absorbed out of them, when you are freezing them. You should leave the flowers and leaves intact on the stem of your organically grown herbs. When freezing organic herbs; they retain their flavor best, if the flowers, leaves, and stems are left intact when freezing. Once the excess moisture is completely gone from your organic herbs, place them in freezer bags. Itís a good idea to use a marker and write the date on the freezer bag. This is because frozen herbs are most flavorful if they are used within six months of freezing. When you want to use your frozen herbs, take them out of the freezer bag. Then just crumble off some leaves and put the unused portions into the bag and back into the freezer.

 The book is packed with wise advice for living better and living longer, along with dozens of simple herbal recipes to promote wellness, prevent illness, and address all kinds of health problems and concerns. You'll find Fire Cider Zest to promote strong energy, Digestive Bitter Tincture to improve digestion, Triple-Strength Throat Spray for laryngitis, Slippery Elm Tea for colic, Berry Good Tea for aging eyes, and other remedies for everything from anxiety and depression to cuts and rashes. Whether you want to sleep better, conquer headaches,
     Home Grown Herbs


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