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 It doesn’t matter how much skill and natural ability you have. If you can’t apply it consistently in a game situation, then you won’t even get picked in the starting eleven.

 And you certainly won’t fulfill any ambitions you have of playing at a higher level. Have you ever wanted to learn how to play soccer but didn't know where to start? Playing soccer is really fun and can get pretty easy once you get used to playing.

 Compare that to the ungainly player who trips themselves up just trying the simplest of tricks but who has the blistering speed and basic ball control to frighten any defense.



 Soccer, at every level of the game, is littered with players who lack poise and finesse. But they more than make up for their technical shortfalls with natural athleticism.
Speed and quickness separates the outstanding players from the average - the successful teams from the runners up. As the standard increase... so does the speed of play. But being quick involves much more than just the ability to run fast. Total Soccer Fitness shows you how a quick player can be made  regardless of genetic make up.

 Here's what you'll discover: How to play soccer Soccer is a sport that has increased greatly in popularity the past few years. Part of this is thanks to the professional leagues that have developed in the United States

•Powerful drills to develop lightning speed off the mark and blazing acceleration over 10-15 yards.
•How to combine strength, power and flexibility training so you, or your team are, as fast as possible.
•SAQ training, what it consists of and lots of sample drills.
•How to train for speed with and without the ball.
•Exactly when speed training should occur in the annual training plan.
•How to use speed ladders for soccer-specific agility and how you can save money by making your own!
•Speed endurance training and why it can have such a great impact on performance.

•Macronutrients   Carbohydrate, Fat & Protein
How much should a soccer player be eating of each? Which is the best before, during and after a game? Plus a sample day's eating plan.
•Micronutrients - Vitamins & Minerals
Do Soccer players need more vitamins and minerals than the average population? Should you consider taking a vitamin supplement?
•Pre and Post Game Eating
When, what and how much should you eat before a game? How to refuel after a match and just how important it is. Timing is everything  learn how to avoid limiting drops in blood sugar before you play.
•Fluid Replacement
Learn how much to drink and when. Should you use carbohydrate drinks and which are the best? You'll even learn how to make your own!
•Sports Supplement Review

 They claim the world but often fail to deliver! Ten of the most popular sports supplements (including creatine) are critically reviewed. No bias, no ulterior motives  just a clear and objective review of the scientific evidence.
Great soccer is not all about fancy tricks and magical skills. It is about teamwork and mastering the basics. Soccer is a great game to play and learning to play is a great decision.

  complete guide to soccer conditioning.!

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